Seth Jason Beitler has been a private international art dealer since 1994, noted for his extensive knowledge of art history and his ability to source and purchase formidable collections on behalf of the buyer. Client collections that have been created by Mr. Beitler, continually reach investment potential while serving as an ongoing source of pleasure. In addition to assisting buyers in procuring and de-accessioning artwork for their private collections, he also offers curatorial and auction conservation guidance to both private collectors and public institutions.

Director - Seth Jason Beitler

Mr. Beitler has access to important art worldwide including late nineteenth and twentieth century international and American paintings, drawing and sculpture; the Modern Masters, and contemporary art. He is committed to presenting a wide range of talent from the trusted old masters to contemporary emerging and established artists, in an effort to inspire and educate his sophisticated clientele. His areas of expertise include turn-of-the-century works on paper from masters including Picasso, Mattisse, Bonnard and Derain through the modern movements of the twentieth century and Abstract Expressionism.

In 2000, Mr. Beitler launched a private gallery space, Seth Jason Beitler Fine Arts, in the now world-renowned “Wynwood Art District” that has garnered a stellar reputation as an enclave for cutting edge art with the arrival of Art Basel Miami in December of 2003. He kicked off his gallery opening with an important exhibition entitled 20th Century Masters: Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture; he followed this with another important showing, Mark DiSuvero: Recent Sculpture. In 2005, in conjunction with Art Basel Miami, he proudly presented an important drawing and photography exhibition entitled Andy Warhol and William T. Hillman, which was co-sponsored by UBS Financial Services, UBS being the main corporate sponsor of Art Basel Miami since inception.

As a result of his impressive credentials, impeccable taste and vast international network, Mr. Beitler has earned the respect of collectors worldwide, serving clients with a broad range of tastes and budgetary requirements. Mr Beitler has provided art consulting services for a wide variety of prestigious, private and commercial clients including : The Bath Club, GL Homes, The World of Residensea, The Riverhouse and Peebles Atlantic Development Corporation. Clients rely on his ability to source and compare the European and American markets as well as his relationships with dealers, galleries, museums and artists in his quest for the finest artwork available.

Mr. Beitler maintains a strong belief in giving back to the community and is an active supporter of the arts in South Florida. This past year alone, his gallery made significant contributions to the American Cancer Society, the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts (NFAA), and the River Fund, an AIDS camp in Africa which tests children for the disease that otherwise would not be able to. Mr. Beitler serves on the board of directors for a multitude of art-related organizations throughout South Florida including the Bakehouse Art Complex, the Green Room Society for the Miami Performing Arts Center (MPAC), Wynwood Lofts and the Sturman Museum of Fine Art. Mr. Beitler earned an MFA in 1999 in Art Dealing and Collecting from New York University, NYC. He relocated to Miami in 2000 to found Seth Jason Beitler Fine Arts.